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Audrey Nourse is a 5th year senior on the USC Women’s Beach Volleyball team. She and her twin sister produced the third longest winning-game streak in program history and are recent 3-time NCAA National Champions. Audrey graduated Suma Cum Laude from USC having majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate Finance and minored in Sports Media Industries. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Annenberg’s PR and Advertising program. Eager to seize every valuable and viable opportunity that extends beyond the USC Beach sand courts, Audrey has cultivated an extensive repertoire of skills and experiences. She has represented the student-athlete body on Trojan Athletic Senate, interned for multiple sports agencies, earned mutliple selective academic accolades, started her own brand that she is currently monetizing, and started a podcast with her twin sister, Nicole. Most notably, during her 2nd year at USC, Audrey cofounded Exposition, formerly known as UNCUT Los Angeles. Audrey serves as Head of Athlete Engagement and co-hosts the Double Take Podcast. She is committed to changing the way student-athletes are being portrayed by traditional media and by their peers in general.

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